Accessibility on the go!

Meet Susan!

Susan is currently attending RIO University and is loving it so far. While out for coffee, Susan has just remembered that she needs to check her class schedule for the upcoming week. Why? Because Susan has a part-time job and has just been notified of a change in her work roster. Previously, this would cause a panic with Susan as she would have to wait until she got home to check her class schedule. Thankfully there is a solution – RIO Education Student Community.

With the Student Community, Susan can find her current classes schedule and has the ability to enrol in the same class at another time all from her mobile. Another benefit of the Student Community is that Susan has the ability to check her grades and any teacher comments made while she is on the go. Not only that – but Susan is able to stay connected with her peers through groups. Here is where she is able to contact those in her class about anything she requires. Student’s lives are very busy but RIO Education can make functionality on their end a little bit easier.



Now Susan can sit back and enjoy her coffee while browsing the RIO Education Student Community.