Accessing Student Timetable in RIO Education

As a university student back in the early ’90s, I had my class schedules/timetables printed on A4 sized paper. I used to fold them so that they could fit into my pocket. Making sure that I had them with me all the time for easy reference.


However, with the advance in technology, information can easily be accessed through mobile/handheld devices. Meaning that schedules/timetables can be accessed through this channel with no issues and stress. With proper student portal/community setup in Salesforce SIS and the right access granted – a student can access and navigate the schedule details. Changes on the schedules are reflected in real-time as well.


As the schedule/timetable is presented electronically. Students can also switch views to check on upcoming sessions/classes i.e. what are the upcoming sessions/classes in the week, 2 weeks’ time and month.


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