Application Spotlight: Integrating to Magento


Description Magento is the eCommerce software platform. Our evaluation is based on Magento Go
API Yes.
Trial Version with API Access Yes.
Protocol SOAP v2 (This evaluation is based on Magento SOAP v2 API. Magento also support other protocols)
Data Format XML
Authentication Required username and apiKey login to get sessionId
 Insert  Update Query Get Delete
 Customer Address
 Product Images
 Product Tier Price
 Product Links
 Credit Memo
 Shopping Cart
 Cart Product
 Cart Customer
 Cart Coupon
API Limits N/A
Sample Use Case Magento Customers > creates > Database Customer Table
Database Customer Table > updates > Magento Customers
Magento sales.Order > creates > Database Opportunity Table & OppLineItem Table
Database Product Table > creates > Magento catalog.Product
F2I 3.9/5