Applying a process to SaaS integration

Our objective is to simplify integration as much as possible, resulting in lower costs to implement and maintain. Lowering the cost and speeding up the time to market will enable companies of any size to utilise integration technology and eliminate manual intervention and data processing. Let’s face it you don’t have to be a big company to want to save time and money. Apart from using a mature tool such as Boomi Atomsphere, we work with you to define what’s important for a successful integration. Our process takes into account the following:

  • What are we trying to achieve: the deadlines, the business drivers
  • Connectivity requirements: the applications involved, the processes that need to be integrated
  • Data formats: the best way to extract and synchronise your data, data examples
  • Data volumes: what data volumes are involved and what is the frequency of updates
  • What the integration process looks like: what does it need to do to connect, transform, synchronise and update your data
  • How will the process run: when does the integration happen, ie hourly, daily, weekly etc, what happens if an error occurs
  • Managing change: how are modifications and minor changes to the integration handled

We’ve put an outline of this process onto our website to help you kick-start your integration.  A bit of preparation will help you understand the process involved and will minimise the cost and frustrations in building out an integration solution.  If you like the idea, have a question or suggestion, email us @ and let us know.