Augmenting your Student Data in your Salesforce Student Information System

Do you need to augment your student data from different systems? Need the ability to analyse them in a single dashboard?

You can do so through Einstein Analytics.


Let’s take a look at a scenario where you have the following:

  • Student data such as Gender, Age etc that are available in RIO Education for Salesforce
  • Booking data such as Event, Event Type, Event Date and Sum of Price that is available in an external booking system.


You can put the data together and analyse the alumni’s engagement trend, based on their participation for events setup.


Get your booking data and create a dataset.

  • You can export the booking data from your external system as CSV and upload it OR
  • Setup an integration that feeds data into the dataset.


Configure dataflow to:

  1. Get Student data within RIO Education for Salesforce
  2. Get data from the dataset created above
  3. Augment both the dataset by using a reference key e.g. Student ID
  4. Generate a new dataset with both the augmented dataset
  5. With the new dataset, you can now start creating your charts (Lens and Dashboard).


The Dataflow



The Dashboard


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