Australian Institute of Music future proofs with Salesforce, Luana (RIO Education) and Pardot

Australian Institute of Music

The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is a not for profit and internationally recognised Higher Education Institution in Australia. With campuses in Sydney and Melbourne AIM offers music & performing arts programs in Higher Secondary, Bachelor Degree and Master Degree level.



In today’s competitive education market a seamless sales process is essential to success, AIM was looking for ways to have:

  • Stringent sales lead nurturing capabilities to maximise ROI on marketing spend.
  • Fast turnaround time for the application process to meet customer’s expectation.
  • Reduce any unwanted time-consuming or manual processes that slow down the sales conversion work.
  • A robust yet flexible reporting system that allows clear visibility of sales pipeline, market analysis and capturing of information that future growth across diverse markets.



With our extensive experience in the education sector, WDCi partnered with AIM to deliver a solution which would provide them with a platform to achieve these.

The solution was delivered using Salesforce Sales Cloud and best in class applications – Luana (RIO Education) for Salesforce for student management and Pardot for marketing automation.

  • Pardot provided AIM with the ability to nurture leads to build closer relationships with potential students. Directing the right staff and effort to influence a positive outcome for enrolments.
  • Luana (RIO Education), a native Salesforce application, enabled the AIM sales team to manage and process large numbers of students. Luana (RIO Education) handles all key steps in the process of student pre-enrolment, providing the flexibility to further extend the coverage of the solution into student admissions.
  • Conga Composer was used extensively to automate document generation.

Building on Luana’s (RIO Education) native Salesforce support, WDCi was able to use standard built-in security features to help enable a new sales channel while maintaining a standardised process flow for users. Comprehensive student information is now captured at each stage of the pre-enrolment, including capturing an onsite and remote student audition process and an online electronic enrolment for short courses. Letters of offers are auto-generated from Salesforce, all contributing to a process which is consistent and timely.



  • Marketing programs are targeted to follow up students more accurately at key periods.
  • Complete granular control of the marketing process from Web through to pre-enrolment of a student.
  • A single platform to manage leads and process these leads through to pre-enrolled students.
  • Management has full visibility on all aspects of their student recruitment and can define key metrics on a real-time basis.
  • The business has a platform which will enable it to develop and manage new channels – all in one system.
  • Remove unnecessary time consuming/manual process hence improve quality of staff work output.