WeDid: Auto Populate and Validate Salesforce Address with Kleber Data Tools


One of the most significant challenges which face clubs is managing the membership data which flows into Salesforce.  The key reason that it is a challenge is because for most clubs they are dealing with many thousands of members.  During membership application or renewal processes, each member’s addresses need to be validated against the Australia Post database for the accuracy of the address.  If this is not done correctly, communication efforts become troublesome – with lots of data cleaning required.

In this case, the customer we were working with was a Kleber Data Tools subscriber.  Kleber offers an API to pre-populate and validates addresses, emails and phone numbers within Australia. To be operational, it needs to be integrated into Salesforce. This is so members and the organisation can benefit from the address and other data validation features which Kleber offers.



Utilising the Kleber API, forms are provisioned for the club’s members on-site at the club venue (for new and renewal) or online (for renewal).   These forms are set up in the address fields to suggest and prepopulated the inputs during the application process. In case an address was added manually, a second layer of checking against the address filled will be executed to ensure the address validity.

By using this method much of the work required to correct wrongly inputted data can be avoided.

Related Objects:  Account and Custom Objects

Components: Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes

Complexity: Moderate