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Introducing Automatic Course Enrollment

RIO Education version 2.3 introduced many new and exciting features, all developed in order to help you deliver the best student experience possible.
One of the cool features introduced in this version is our support for Automatic Course Enrollment. Sometimes you have a Program with a large number of Courses that need to always be taken in the same order. Or maybe you have a short Program where your students only need to take one Course. Whatever the reason, RIO Education can now support the automatic enrollment of students into a Program’s pre-determined Courses.


So how’s it work?

Enrollment Method, the magic field that makes all of this possible, can be found on the Program Pathway. Here you can set the type of automatic enrollment that you want for this Program:

Enrollment Method

  • Manual – This is the original method for enrolling into Courses – students select which Courses they want and in which Terms they will take them. Unless otherwise specified, this is is the default Enrollment Method for Programs. I’ve heard that even this manual Enrollment Method will be getting some enhancements in RIO Education’s next version, so look forward to that!
  • Automatic by term/course – Here’s where the fun starts. Programs with this Enrollment Method will automatically enroll students into any mandatory Courses planned for the first Term. At the end of the Term, the student will then be automatically enrolled in any mandatory Courses planned for the Second Term, and so on.
  • Automatic all terms –  You can take automatic enrollment a step further by selecting this option. If a student is enrolled in a Program with this Enrollment Method, they will automatically be enrolled into any mandatory Courses for the entire length of the Program. Programs with no optional or elective Courses, this could be the perfect way to streamline the enrollment process.


But wait, there’s more!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This guy doesn’t know what I’m thinking.” Spooky, huh? But mentalist tricks aside, you may be wondering about certain pesky things that can get in the way of a smooth, automated experience. Don’t worry, RIO Education can handle whatever you or your students throw at it:

  • Electives – Not every student follows the exact same path. With different majors, specialisations and electives, your students may not even know everything they want to enroll in. RIO Education can automatically enroll students into just the mandatory subjects, while still allowing them to select their electives further down the line.
  • Failing Courses – Let’s face it – not everyone passes their subjects on the first attempt. You might not want students who fail a course to be automatically enrolled in the next Term’s courses. After all, they might not meet the pre-requisites now! The RIO Education Settings allow you to choose if students will automatically be enrolled in the next Term even after failing a Course.
  • Deferment – Students may want to defer all or part of their enrollment for a later date. Lucky for them, their education can wait. They just need to notify you when they plan on taking a break, and when they plan on coming back. You can then use the PE Pathway’s Deferred field to pause the automatic enrollment. And when they’re ready to come back, you can just set the right Term on the PE Pathway and resume the automatic enrollment process.

Are you still with us?

I know, I know. That was a lot to get through, but there’s just so much to talk about! As you can see, automatic enrollment can be used to simplify the enrollment process for both your staff and your students. Don’t underestimate the power of automation!

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