Boomi Tip: Application Response Profile

There is a flag in most of the Boomi connector send operation called “Return Application Error Responses”. If this checkbox is checked, Boomi will return you the Error Document (e.g in XML format – depending on the target application) as a response so that you have additional error handling logic after the send operation.


Please see example Figure 1  below:



Figure 1: Sample process flow


However, not every connector will have the response profile generated automatically during the import. For example, if you look at the Web Service SOAP Client connector, it will generate 2 profiles: Request Profile and Response Profile automatically during the import. But, for a connector like Salesforce, it will only have the Request Profile. So, how can we get the Response Profile? One easy way is to:

  1. run the process in test mode
  2. retrieve the shape source data by clicking on the shape (e.g, in the example above, it will be success decision shape) after the send operation
  3. save the data into a text editor
  4. create a new profile in Boomi and import the saved text file as the profile schema


Tada! Now you can use the newly created profile as the Response Profile for the connector send operation.