Boomi Tip: Asynchronous Process Call

Boomi allows you to invoke a child process from a parent process by using the Process Call shape. By default, the sub process call will be invoked in a synchronous manner. However, do you know that you can change it to become asynchronous manner?


To achieve this, you will just need to un-check the “Wait for the process to complete?” checkbox in the Process Call shape properties.

Figure 1: Process Call Properties


If you look at the sample that we have below, you can see that both Flow Test – Child 1 and Flow Test – Child 2 are executed at the same time.


Figure 2: Flow Test – Child 1 execution log



Figure 3: Flow Test – Child 2 execution log


So, what are the benefits of using asynchronous process call?

  1. Executes a series of sub-processes without depending on each other (this could save your time too)
  2. The failure on one sub-process will not affect the execution of the other sub-process
  3. The failure of the sub-processes will not affect the other execution path of the parent process