Boomi: Atom Folder Explained – Connector

Today, we would like to talk about another folder that is located within Boomi Atom installation folder: Connector


The folder is very important as it holds all the latest version of connectors (standard and custom connector) that you are using in the integration process. When you are running a process in test mode or deploying a process to the Boomi Atom, Boomi will download the connector binary file from the data centre and store it in the connector folder. This is how the content of the folder looks like in my Boomi Local Atom:



If you browse into one of the connectors folder (e, g. database), then you should see a zipped file (e.g, which contains the necessary jar files for the connector.

Is that all? NO! 😀

Downloading the connector file into the connector/ folder is just part of the procedure. The next step that Boomi Atom will do is to extract the content of the zipped file to another folder call <boomi atom install dir>/work/connector. The concept is similar to how the Tomcat application server works whereby it will put all the working binaries into this folder and the JVM will load the binaries from here.

Sometimes, you will see that there are duplicated folders with a different version number.


Will that cause confusion when Boomi loads the binaries into JVM? Don’t worry, it won’t. Boomi Atom is smart enough to detect the latest version of the connector based on the version number when loading the binaries.
That’s all for now. Hopefully, the information above gives a better understanding of Boomi Atom folder.