Boomi: Atom Folder Explained – Container Logs

In Boomi local atom installation folder, you can see that there is a folder called logs. This folder is used to store the container log files which contains the logging details whenever the atom is:
  1. start up
  2. shut down
  3. restarted
  4. downloaded component when a process is deployed to the atom
  5. executing a process and more


The container log file is very useful especially for support engineer or developer who is troubleshooting errors or performance issues in an integration process. However, please bear in mind that the container log files will be purged automatically after x of days as configured in the Boomi Platform.

Methods of retrieving container log1. We can download the Boomi Atom logs under the Atom Management section.


2. If we are using a Local Boomi Atom, you can navigate to the<Boomi atom install dir>/logs folder to retrieve the log files. This approach will save us time to retrieve the logs without the need to download the logs from the Boomi platform.