Boomi: Atom Message Queuing Part 1 – The Overview


Boomi Atom message queuing is a very simple yet powerful feature that is embedded in Boomi Atom. How do you implement it?

  • Enable the feature from your account manager
  • Install a cloud atom or local atom
  • Configure the following components in Boomi Platform
    • Atom Queue component
    • Atom Queue connection
    • Atom Queue operation

Yes, you are right! That’s all you need to do to implement message queuing in Boomi.


So, what can it offer?

The following are highlights of Boomi Atom message queuing.

  • It supports 2 types of message delivery mode:
    • Publish/Subscribe
    • Point-to-point dedicated recipient
  • It’s message-oriented instead of document-oriented. Meaning a message can consist of multiple documents/data.
  • A message will remain in a queue until it’s read/purged to ensure durability.
  • It supports auto-retry (6 times) by re-sending the message to subscribers whenever there’s an error.
  • It provides the following component out-of-the-box to support message queuing:
    • Atom Queue component – the queue that will be holding messages
    • Atom Queue connection – this is to define which queue to connect to
    • Atom Queue operation – this is to define what operation (get/send) to perform against a queue
  • It helps to decouple your integration process and dependency between server/client.
  • It offers an asynchronous mode of process execution.


What isn’t supported currently?

While we are spoilt with some amazing highlights, not everything was made available for Boomi Atom message queuing. Here are a few things that are currently not supported:

  • No custom message expiration period
  • After 6 retries, an error message will be put into the “dead letter” queue. Currently, we have to monitor and re-send this to subscriber manually in Boomi platform
  • Messages can only be accessed within an atom



Overall, Boomi Atom message queuing as a whole receives two thumbs up. Be mindful that if you are looking for an advanced message queuing implementation, Boomi Atom message queuing may not have all your needs covered.