Boomi: B2B (EDI) Integration

We have built a couple of B2B (EDI) Integrations using Boomi. It helps the customer to speed up transactions between companies and cut down potential human error from data entry. Let’s look at the before and after effect of the following use case:


Use case

Company A purchases products from Company B. All their transactions (Purchase Order/Invoice) are done through email.




Potential problems:

  • Missing emails (Purchase orders/Invoices)
  • Typo mistake in the email
  • Typo mistake during manual entry process into the System
  • The order completion process is slow as it is depending on manual check



Company A and Company B exchanges document using the X12 standard. All the documents are exchanged systematically.

  1. Boomi EDI process picks up Purchase Order (850) from Company A FTP folder and creates a Sales Order.
  2. Once the Sales Order is created, a Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) is sent back to Company A FTP folder.
  3. Company B can continue with their Item Fulfillment process, once an Invoice is created, it will be automatically retrieved and sent back to CompanyA


For more information about what we did, please go to the following link: