Boomi Tips: The Branch Shape

Boomi provides a simple yet useful component called Branch where it helps to execute your processes in sequence.


Consider a simple scenario where you received a list of information related to customer from an FTP server in Flat File format (i.e. *.csv). This information needs to be synced into Salesforce first as the account and then the contact.


Sounds like a simple straight line process where you first insert the account and upon successful, you then insert the contact instead. In this case, you may run into the difficulty or additional logic/components to query back the source information and to use it for contact insertion.


While there may be other alternatives, one easy and useful way is to utilise the Branch shape:




With the Branch shape:

  • You can easily utilise the same source content to execute different processes in a different branch. This saves up the effort of using other complex options to retrieve the source information.
  • You can easily define which path to process prior to another as per the sample is shown above. This will ensure that a specific process is being performed before the next with a simple shape supplied.