Boomi Tips: The Decision Component

Very often when developing integration processes, you may need to include the if/else logic to ensure the right data is being handled and sync-ed into target instance accordingly.


While there are multiple ways that you can achieve this, Boomi provides a simpleDecision component which allows the process to flow whether to the true or the false path. Hence, it provides a simple and quick if (goes to true path) or else (goes to the false path) scenario.


Consider the following scenario:


A customer list is provided in flat file from an FTP server and it requires to be created as an Account in Salesforce if the customer’s status is active from the flat file.


In this case, the logic would be:

  1. If customer’s status is ‘Active’, create Salesforce Account
  2. Else, do not create Salesforce Account


A quick way that you can achieve this in Boomi is by utilising the ‘Decision’ shape:




This help in simplifying the design without having to include complex logic or scripting to achieve a simple if/else logic.