Boomi Tips: Boomi Sub-Process Call Reporting Behavior

Previously, we wrote a blog on the different options of start shape in Boomi. However, do you know that the start shape option will actually affect the Boomi reporting result when it is used differently in a subprocess? Let’s take a look at the example below.


In Boomi, I created 2 processes: Flow Test – Parent and Flow Test – Child.


Figure 1: Parent Process


Figure 2: Child Process


The “Flow Test – Child” process will act as the child process that will be called by the “Flow Test – Parent” process.


Data Passthrough

The execution of the child process will not be shown in the Boomi Process Monitoring, however, it will be logged in the “Flow Test – Parent” process log file.



No Data

The execution of the child process will be shown in the Boomi Process Monitoring with a Branch icon. And, the execution log will be logged in their own process.



Also, if you click on the detailed screen, you will see that the process is started with No Data.



Connector Call

The behavior of this option is similar to No Data. The only difference for this option is that the child process will display the connector call details (e.g, HTTP Connector Call) instead of No Data.