Boomi: Business Rule Shape

Business Rule Shape allows the developer to examine the data of a document in a pipeline by combining multiple criteria to determine if a document should be accepted or rejected. The supported profiles are:

  • XML
  • JSON
  • Flat file
  • Database


This shape is one of the advanced workflow shapes and it is only available in Boomi Professional Edition and above.



What can you do with a business rule? It allows you to:

  • Define multiple rules to validate the document
  • Define multiple criteria with complex condition grouping (AND and OR) in a rule
  • Perform complex logic by invoking custom map function
  • Define error message for the rejected document





When should you use this?

It really depends on your design, but one classic example that we can share here is if you have multiple decision shapes to validate a document data. You should consider replacing them using business rule shape.

Let’s use the following as an example. You can see that 7 decision shapes and a map shape that were being used in the integration process originally have been replaced with a single business rule shape. How good is this? Of course, you will still need to properly define the rules in the shape 🙂










It is never too late to start implementing a business rule in your integration process. You can refer to the following guide to learn more on the shape and more sample use cases: