Boomi: Changing Last Run Date & Last Successful Date

Before we get into the details of this topic, let’s have a brief explanation of what is Last Run Date and Last Successful Date.


Last Run Date (LRD) : The last time the process ran. (regardless of success or failure incompletion)

Last Run Successful Run Date (LRSD) : The last time the process ran and the execution completes successfully.


Both of these values are set automatically in the Atom Cloud or Local Atom.
So, here is the question, is it possible to manually set these times to the date/time that we want? The answer is YES!

Why and when do we need such change? Consider the following scenario:

We have an integration process (runs based on LSRD) that has been deployed and running for some time, now the customer wants the process to pick up a batch of existing records that have already passed the LSRD. How would we plan to do this? Are we going to create another new process just to run for this purpose? Or how about if we still use the same process and we just need to modify the LRSD.


Here are the steps on how we can change the LRD and LRSD on the Boomi platform:
1. Under Manage tab, select Atom Management.
2. Search for the deployed process that you want to make such change.


Additional notes about this feature:

  • The only deployed process will have this Edit Process Properties option available.
  • This feature is available for both processes that run on Atom Cloud and Local Atom.
  • The LRD and LSRD setting is not available for the process first run and can only be modified after the process has been ran once.
  • For local Boomi Atom, if the process execution file or the LRD/LRSD is removed, you will not see this setting too.