Boomi: How To Query Delete Record in Salesforce

In some situation, we may need to find out what records are deleted in Salesforce, and update the status of the record in another end.
We can either do it manually which is the tedious way, or by the integration using Boomi via API.


For example:

We have two Contact records that have been removed, and they are kept in the recycle bin in Salesforce.



Let’s say we only want to retrieve these deleted records in Boomi.


To achieve this, we will can make some changes in the operation of the Salesforce connector.

1. Check the ‘Include Deleted’.
2. Add filter ‘IsDeleted’ Equal To.



3. In the connection paramater, just set a value ‘true’ for the ‘IsDeleted’ field.

Finally, we will retrieve the the deleted Contact records in XML.


Also note that, the deleted records are kept in Salesforce for only 15 days.