Boomi Integration Tip: Integrating to RightNow CX

Integrating to RightNow CX becomes easy with the new RightNow CX connector in Dell Boomi.
This connector is designed and built based on the core API operational structure in RightNow CX web service.  It supports:
1. the CRUD (Create, Read – Get or Query, Update and Destroy – Delete) operations on the main RightNow Primary Objects (e.g, Account, Asnwer, Contact, Incident, Opportunity and etc) as well as the custom object
2. Batching to improve the server processing time and reduce the number of API call
3. Procedural operations such as ExecuteMarketingFlow, GetFileData and SendMailingToContact
The feature that I personally like the most in the new web service is the RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL). This language is pretty similar to a SQL statement where it allows you to query the records of an object by just providing a simple query statement. For example:
Select Contact From Contact Where Emails.EmailList.Address = ""
This will return all contacts with the email address “”.
Of course ROQL is supported in the connector as well. You can always form a custom ROQL statement as mentioned in a previous blog post to have the desired result returned in your integration process.  I’ve used this feature extensively and really recommend it, Here’s a couple of projects where I’ve used this:
For some more info on how to use Dell Boomi to integrate with RightNow, check out this link