Boomi Integration Tips: Catch Errors

The Catch Errors feature allows us to implement advanced error handling and logging when we are developing an integration process. How does it work and how it helps in error handling? We use this shape to prevent process-level failure if one or more documents encountered a failure during a batch process.

This feature is also designed to capture any document-level errors when processing documents, and any failed documents will be sent to the Error path (shown in the image below).


In this way, you can design specifically on how you want to deal with those documents that failed. (eg. throw exception, edit document, etc.) We can also set an interval to re-run the specific document that failed automatically.


Besides that, Catch Errors can also capture the error that returned from the application, this is especially useful if we want to construct solid error log. The Catch Errors message can be retrieved in the document property inside the Exception/Message step.


Only some connectors have the Return Application Error Responses option. If this option is enabled, and you use a Catch Error shape before this connector, the Catch Errors will no longer work in this case as no document will be sent to the Error path even if there is any failed document/s.