Boomi Integration Tips: Start Shape Options

Before diving into the work of developing an integration process, it’s important to give some thought to error handling and the later stage of troubleshooting the process you have developed. In this topic, we would like to share some information we know with regards to the Start shape of the Boomi component.


There are 3 options that we are mainly focusing on:

  1. Connector
  2. No Data
  3. Data Passthrough



If Connector is your selected option, then you should expect to see:

  • The # of records returned from the output Connector of the start shape in your Process Reporting
  • The process execution appearing in your Process Reporting

For example, using Salesforce connector will produce the following result in Process Reporting:

The inbound result also depends on the response document of the selected Connector. For Salesforce (example above), the response document returned represents a record individually (8 records in total for the above example). Other connectors may just return a single response representing all the records within one document regardless of the number of records returned.



No Data

If No Data is your selected option, then you will always see:

  • 1 inbound data
  • The process execution appearing in your Process Reporting

For example:



Data Passthrough

This option is most often selected when the process should receive data from another process or another external source. We can say that it is used within a sub-process. If Data Passthrough is your selected option within the sub-process, then you should expect:

  • Not to see the sub-process execution where the Data Passthrough is selected in your Process Reporting
  • The logic of the process flow is performed at the back end

For example:

If Data Passthrough is used within a parent process where the process is scheduled without a data source, it will run as a No Data start shape.

I hope that the above explanation will help you to decide which Start shape option best suits your design.

With this information in mind, you can decide the necessity of the process execution display within the Process Reporting to assist with your troubleshooting effort.