Boomi: Last Run Date & Last Successful Run Date on Sub Processes

We explained how we can change an atom’s Last Run Date & Last Successful Run Date in our previous blog post. In this blog post, we will look into what would happen when it involves subprocesses.


We have a parent process that is used to execute other sub-processes (via the process call shapes).For example:-




We then deploy only the parent process level so that we only need to run one process and have it to execute other subprocesses. In this case, when the atom’s properties got changed, the changes would only affect the parent process where the subprocesses will have a separate Last Run Date and Last Successful Run Date of its own and the change in the properties will not be reflected. However, if you have your subprocess start shape being a connector shape and the operation can be filtered by date/time, you can still configure the process call to utilize the date/time captured in the parent process instead.


As such, be sure to check your process and sub-processes design prior to you making changes to the atom’s properties as it may not gives you the behaviour as you are expecting.