Boomi LDAP Connector Enhanced Multivalued Attribute

The Boomi LDAP Connector is enhanced to support multivalued, attribute usage in Create and Update object operation with a simple delimiter. This enhancement will be available to the public in Boomi’s  June’18 release.


To enable this feature,

  1. Create/navigate to any create/update LDAP connector operation
  2. Check the checkbox in the Operation options under ‘Enable Splitting’
  3. Provide the delimiter character under ‘Splitting Delimiter’



Note: The Multivalued attribute is only supported for attributes with ‘m_’ prefix.


In the example below, the attribute ‘m_ou’ and ‘m_objectClass’ will have the multivalued attribute support enabled with the specified delimiter.

Then in order to provide the attribute value, we provide the multiple values separated by delimiter we have specified. For example, if we set the value using static value parameters then we would set the m_ou and m_objectClass in our example as:



With this new enhancement, developers no longer need to worry about looping the multivalued attribute in a map step.