Boomi: Integrating with Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ)

In this blog, we will be discussing how to connect to Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) in Boomi.
As you might have heard, Boomi only supports JMS and Boomi Queue (native feature). To connect with MSMQ, we’ll need to develop a custom connector.
Oh gosh! This is sounding very complicated, isn’t it? Don’t worry! Thanks to @Neuw84 there’s already a JNI library that we can use to connect to MSMQ using Java in 64 bit environment.

The MSMQ custom connector is able to:

  • Connect to a local and remote server queue. The queue can be private or public.
  • Read a message from a queue with a waiting period (e.g, 5 minutes)
  • Send a message to a queue
  • Supports any type of document e.g, Flat file, XML, and JSON.

Did you know that the MSMQ read message operation is capable of posting the content of an MSMQ message? It happens as soon as the message arrives in the queue, to an external application via HTTP post. This will allow real-time integration while waiting for the next message.

We all know that there is no perfect solution in the world. To use the Boomi connector, Boomi atom has to be installed on a Windows server with MSMQ enabled.