Boomi Tip: Query Marketo Leads by Static List

In Boomi Marketo connector, you can query a list of leads by using the static list which gives you the option of either using:

1. Static List Name
2. Static List Id




Static List Name

You can do this by simply providing the name of the List that you have created in Marketo. However, if the list is created under a campaign, you have to provide the name of the campaign and the list. For example:




If you have the setup as shown in the screenshot above, the name that you should provide is “Campaigns for Activity Extract.Leads with Web Visits”.

Static List id

If you would like to use the list Id, you can retrieve the Id:
– click on the list
– look at the URL in the browser
– retrieve the number between ST and A1


For example:, the Id for the list would be 1234.