Boomi Tip: Query Operation in Batch Results

Some connectors (ex. Salesforce, Netsuite, etc.) can be configured to retrieve the data in either per document or in a batch results.




‘Batch Results’ is batching all result documents into a single list document. There is one important note to take to get a successful list document. After you have done with the profile import, the imported profile (see attached screenshot) is only able to store single document data and not the documents in the list.


If you are getting the data into Map transformation step, you will need to a create a custom ‘list’ XML profile to pass through the data. If not, you will get the “No data produced from map…” error.




To do is to manually create a new ‘list’ XML profile. Basically is to move all the elements of the onto one level lower (as shown below) and set the ‘Max Occurs’ of the second level Element to ‘unbounded’.