Boomi Tips: Querying RightNow Report

The standard data query in RightNow allows you to get the details of a single object. However, imagine if there is need to get further details from another cross-reference object.For example,


Data model: Incident Object -> Opportunity Field (Type: Menu look up to custom object Opportunity)


Data to be retrieved: Incident information + Opportunity Name


ResultUsing the standard query, the following sample result is returned with Opportunity ID. However, we would like to retrieve the opportunity name as well.




One option to go about this in Boomi is to utilise multiple RightNow connectors to get the details. Here, we would like to share with you another option on how to get the required information which is to use one RightNow connector by querying a report instead of an object.



  1. Create a RightNow report with join tables between Incident and custom object Opportunity.
  2. Include the required fields from both tables to the column display and save the report. At the same time, you can add a filter to get a specific record. In our example, we will filter by Incident ID. You can verify the configuration via View Definition from the report.
  3. In Boomi, utilise the RightNow connector and query for the RunAnalyticsReport instead of the object.
  4. Configure the parameters to query for the report (via name/id) and pass in the filter, delimiter values.


Using the above steps you should be able to retrieve the information from cross objects via RightNow report.