Boomi Tip: Test Environment and Connection

In recent release, Boomi have improved the environment settings where it now allows you to specify the environment classification: Production and Test.




This new improvement comes together with the new type of connector: Test Connector. So, how can these improvements help in the development cycle?




In a normal Boomi Atomsphere account, the environment created is considered as a Production type of environment. The process that is deployed to the Production environment will consumed the connector licence. If you happen to have another environment that is used for UAT purpose and you have the same process deployed to it, this will consumed additional licence. This will cause a lot of hassles if you would like to continue the UAT while having the process deployed into production.


This situation can be avoided by enabling the Test Environment and Test Connection feature in Boomi Atomsphere. Once you have enabled the feature, you can create a new environment with the classification Test. Any processes that are deployed to the Test Environment will only consume the Test Connection licence. This will give you a better flexibility in terms of managing the licence consumption between the production and UAT.


If you would like to know, feel free to check out this guide.