Boomi Tip: Cross Reference Lookup Table

We talked about how convenient you can create a simple lookup table for transformation of your data in our previous post.


The simple lookup however is not a component itself and imagine that you have tens of map that require the same lookup, you would have to create multiple times of the same lookup table to cater for each map. It is a hassle.


A more efficient way that you can consider is to utilize the Cross Reference Table component instead.




As you can see, the cross reference table is created as a component and as such, you can re-use the component in multiple different maps or processes (if applicable).


The cross reference table component also allows tracking more than 2 columns. In this case, it will be useful when you require a combination of values to determine the intended output.



Other useful feature which the cross reference table component provide are:

  • You can easily import a huge lookup table via the “Import from CSV” feature
  • Cross reference table is extensible and as such, user could still manage the lookup table even when the process is deployed.extension