Boomi Tip: Performing Salesforce Merge – Supersede Value in Master Record

Merge is one of the operations available in the Boomi Salesforce connector. It is very important to understand the behaviours of this particular operation.


Values Supersede in Master Record

When performing a record merge in the Salesforce front-end, we have the ability to select which fields from which record are to be superseded.

However, this is complete differently in this API. If the fields in the Merge operation are not being mapped in the request, it will result in the fields of the master record not being updated.

By doing this, there will be no mechanism to automatically determine and set the fields with values in the master record.



If a field is being mapped, the values from the merging record will overrule the value in the master record.

Be mindful that we may not always overwrite the value (if already populated) in the master record. In this case, it’s best to have a logic (i.e. map function) to check that the field of the master record is already populated with a value and that you don’t map the value over if it is populated.