Boomi Tips: Arranging Shapes in Process Automatically

Boomi Arrange

As you are aware, you can drag and drop shapes into the integration development canvas and arrange them as you like within Boomi.

Sometimes, this can be addictive and you can end up with too many shapes in the Boomi process. This is bound to end up messy if you don’t arrange the shape properly from the beginning.

Luckily, Boomi has a handy tool that can help you re-arrange the shape during the process and make it easier to follow and understand.


How To

Let’s use the following example that I created to demo this tool.



As you can see, the shapes are not arranged in a proper manner. What I can do here is to click on the “Arrange” button. I would then choose to “Arrange Without Saving” because I don’t want to simply save the change without reviewing it first.



As a result, this is the outcome that I got. The result is acceptable so far and if I don’t like some of the arrange, I can simply move the shapes again.