Boomi Tips: Boomi Suggest in Map

Boomi Suggest is not a new feature in the Boomi Platform, but there are many integration developers working within Boomi every day who are unaware of its existence.


So what is Boomi Suggest?


Boomi Suggest is a very powerful tool that can help you analyze your source and destination profile element in a map step and smartly “guess” the possible mapping.  To launch the Boomi Suggest wizard, click on the Boomi Suggest button on the top left corner of a map step.



Once the analyzation is done, the fields will be outlined in the wizard. You can choose not to use the suggested mapping by unchecking the checkbox. Sometimes, for a common field like the first name, Boomi will suggest multiple possible mapping options. In this case, you will see the mapping as the select list instead of grey out.



Not only that, Boomi Suggest is also smart enough to outline the recommended map functions for a particular field. This can save a lot of our time to add that manually.



When everything is ready, you just need to hit the “Next” button to review and click “Finish” to apply the mapping. Voila! As you can see, all fields are mapped and the map function is added to the map step in a few clicks.