Boomi Tips: Find Changes Component

The Find Changes shape component provides a way for the process to track changes made to a document. The document can then be routed to Add, Update or Delete paths. Besides that, processes also need to consider designs such as error handling. Below are our tips we think you should consider when using Find Changes component with your process.


Our USAGE tips:

  • Detect record changes
  • Applicable for the requirement where an existing record should not be updated if nothing was updated (i.e. no fields) from the source record
  • The input document to the component needs to consist of full data in a single doc; Detect the line changes
  • The output document is a single doc
  • The files within the directory <atom-installation-path>\work\cdc\<process-name>\* will be replaced whenever the process runs



  • Best to use the local atom, as the master comparison file is stored in the disk. You can easily edit if required. This design will work for Atom Cloud as well.
  • Source data requires full data
  • Check the data volume and see if the server has sufficient storage
  • Source system is the master data for the record (all fields)
  • Use a Unique ID to identify the record (duplicate record IDs can be catered)



  • To utilise on the same FIND CHANGES component, you’ll need the data to flow through the same component. Having another component with the same process or a different process will result in a different master comparison file.
  • Error Handling – Used to prevent records that aren’t successfully processed, usually when the record has replaced the master comparison file. When this occurs it’s best to re-update the master comparison file (for partial record failures). For full record failures (usually due to connection issues) consider replacing the master comparison file with a copy of the original file prior to this execution. We recommend saving a copy in the disk earlier is possible.
  • If you require specifics on which field is updated, additional scripting is an available option to compare each field value and store them in a cache.
    Note that FIND CHANGES doesn’t return which specific field is updated.