Boomi Tips: Process Property vs Dynamic Process Property

Boomi have made an improvement to the Process Property component. The existing Process Property component is renamed to Dynamic Process Property. A new one called Process Property is introduced. So what’s the difference between these two components?


Dynamic Process Property Process Property
Support Dynamic name Yes No
Support Data Type String String
Support Property Group No Yes
Support Multiple Default Values No Yes, you can configure the Allowed Values and select different value for each environment


By looking at the comparison table above, you should be able to identify the usage of each component. I won’t say that Process Property will have better usage than Dynamic Process Property as this is really depending on how you design the integration process. However, there is one thing I do really like in Process Property is the password data type. This gives me a better security option if I would like to store a password as Boomi will hide the text with the asterisk (instead of clear text when using Dynamic Process Property).