Boomi Tips: Qualifier and Identifier Instance

There is a new feature in Boomi XML profile, called Qualifier and Identifier Instance (formerly XML Constraint). This feature allows us to bind a specific value to an XML element if we happen to have multiple XML elements with the same name in the XML file. For example, if we look at the sample XML, it would quite difficult for us to extract the phone values (where we will need to write additional custom scripting or logic) and map them to a flat structured profile.



With the new feature, we can add the list of qualifiers (in another word, possible XML values) to the XML profile in Boomi and let Boomi do the magic for us 😀 .


In this scenario, we have added three qualifiers to the XML attributes as these are the possible values that we got in the XML file and we would like to extract the values.




Once we are done with the qualifier, we will need to add the identifier instance to the phone XML element by clicking on the blue down arrow. Boomi will popup a window with the list of qualifiers that we have added just now. We will just need to repeat the steps of adding a new identifier instance for each qualifier.




As soon as you added an identifier instance, Boomi will add a new XML element that act as the XML element that holds the value for the particular qualifier. In a map shape, we can then map the identifier instance that we have added to the target XML profile as shown below.



Hopefully, this gives you a basic idea on how to use the new feature.