Boomi Tips: System Command Shape

Last time, we discussed the use of Program Command shape in Boomi. The shape is very useful, especially it allows us to invoke a system command/shell script from a Boomi process. However, did you know that the shape will use the system command exit code to determine the status?


0 – success
1 – fail


This will not work correctly if you want to execute a system command that has different exit code than the standard one.


For example, the Robocopy in Windows uses different exit code (e.g, 1) other than 0 to indicate a success copy operation. This will cause an error execution in Boomi. To overcome this, you can write a system command script to alter the exit code to make it compatible with Boomi Program Command shape:


ehco off
robocopy D:\from D:\to filetocopy.txt /is
exit 0
exit 0
) ELSE (
exit 1