Boomi Tips: The Custom Scripting Component

As part of the July 18 release, Boomi has introduced a new component called the scripting component. The advantages/benefits that we have seen with this release include the ability to convert new/existing custom scripting into a Boomi component. Yep! You can convert an existing script into a component, how neat is that. Just to name a few examples:


  • The script component is reusable like many other boomi components. Remember the days where we needed to copy and paste the script content from one map/map function/process to another so the script that was built which was generic could be reused. If you turn a script into a Boomi component, you can easily reference the component to your new step/component within your Boomi account. This actually compliments the next benefit below.
  • Did you know that you can have a library of custom scripts? If you manage your Boomi folder structure or component naming convention accordingly, your development team can use or reference this library easily. To make it easy to search for scripts in the Boomi folder use the left panel “Build” mode. We will touch on this in the next benefit below.
  • The script library can also be copied across multiple Boomi accounts. By copying the scripting component to another boomi account, you will be able to reuse for other developments.


Be aware that any changes made to the component will affect all processes referenced to that component. You will need to handle this with care.

Below are some example screenshots on how the Scripting Component would look in Boomi:


Custom Scripting component via the Data Process Shape




Custom Scripting component as a Map Function





In the inline script, you could also save/convert the script as a component