Boomi: Getting query parameters from a Web Service Server request

Boomi has a very cool feature called Web Service Server. It allows you to expose a custom HTTP request service or SOAP web service in the Atom. You can invoke the service by sending a HTTP request or SOAP request with the data you want to process in the request body. This will kick off the integration process instantly and your data will be processed according to the logic that you built.


However, sometimes you would like to send a request to the Web Service Server with additional query parameter in the request URL to have the process act according to the value of the query parameter. For example:


How can your integration process pick up the query parameter? Let me show you the trick here.


Each of the query parameter in the request URL will be exposed as process property in the process with a prefix “query_”. In this example, the “type” query parameter will be available in the integration process as “query_type”. You can use the Get-Process Property function in the integration process to retrieve the value and perform any logic or map it to a field.


Is that all? Of course, there is more detailed information that we didn’t cover here, but you can pay a visit to the documentation¬†here.