Boost User Productivity with Salesforce In-App Guidance

Salesforce In-App Guidance is a Salesforce native App built by Salesforce Labs. It’s a free tool on AppExchange available for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance and Essentials Salesforce editions.


The Salesforce In-App Guidance enables users to create guides and training within their org while working in Lightning Experience. You can also package prompts and walkthroughs into the managed package.


Below are some of the top use-cases:

  • Train users: Provides a link to feature Documentation/User guide right on the page next to the feature.
  • Onboard new users: Provide tips, next steps for new users with top used/helpful features in the app.
  • Highlight changes: Alert specific groups of users of important changes that may affect them.
  • Make announcements: Make universal announcements such as updates to policy, etc. to everyone.



For additional information:

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