Calling an on-premise web service from a SaaS platform?

If you are, then you no doubt have encountered the security team of your company. If you are small enough to not have a security team, then you probably can get by with opening some firewall ports, but otherwise, you may be in for a long wait, and a few lively discussions.


Typically,  security teams do not like to trust “SaaS platforms” and open up firewall ports for inbound connections.


A common problem I see is that while even the most flexible organisations may have an infrastructure to deal with this in a secured zone like UAT or Production, most of us have development servers on our internal domain, and getting that opened through the firewall for inbound services is very unlikely to happen. If it does it will most likely require expensive services and additional routers ensure the path through is secured.


So how can you get around this issue?  Dell-Boomi the leader in SaaS integration has a neat solution. Outbound connections and webServices are a dime a dozen, and when they happen through a regular port (443 outbound) then they are simple.


What if you could get a platform like or Rightnow or Netsuite to call an internal service, that was proxied through a firewall-friendly connection.  E.G. a sandbox calling an internal service running on your Dev server without opening a firewall port, all secured by an enterprise-ready integration platform.


This is available today, and probably at a fraction of the cost and effort to get your security team involved in opening firewall ports.


if you want to know more, come talk to us at WDCi. We can help you get set up in days, not weeks.