Caloundra Film Festival: I Can Speak

The next film in the Telstra Store Caloundra Film Festival is Korean comedy/drama, I Can Speak. This film has won four Best Actress awards (Na Moon-Hee) as well as Best Director (Kim Hyun-Seok) during the 2017 Blue Dragon film awards.

Following the story of a Civil Servant worker Park Min-Jae, who finds himself in a new district and at the mercy of a grumpy, elderly woman (Na Ok-Boom) who likes to complain. Although Park Min-Jae tries his best to resolves her complaints he finds himself with more than he bargains for when Na Ok-Boom discovered he can speak English almost fluently. Why does Na Ok-Boom to learn English? She has her reasons.

Join us at Big Screen Cinemas Caloundra October 11 at 7 pm.

Don’t stress if you can’t attend the first screening! There is a second screening on October 14 at 12:10 pm at Big Screen Cinemas Caloundra.



Learn more about the film, trailer and ticket purchase here!