FRC Environmental realises a rapid ROI through the implementation of Salesforce

FRC environmental has the expertise and experience to deliver insight across the full range of aquatic environments, from freshwater and estuarine to marine ecosystems. Our wide-ranging capabilities in surveying, assessing, managing, monitoring, and reporting enable us to give our clients the confidence and clarity for action.



Implement a solution for sales automation, customised to match a very specific business process. Deliver a cost-effective solution that will document communication with our clients. Implement a platform that will provide the basis for integration with third-party applications in the future.



  • Salesforce Sales Cloud



The solution involved importing a series of existing data, setting up users and customising Salesforce to match very specific business language and information, and capturing specific sales data.



  • Cost effective: Using a cloud subscription-based solution enabled FRC environmental to sign up for best-of-breed software at a price that provided them with a short return-on-investment.
  • Rapid Implementation: The new system was implemented in weeks.
  • Highly Customisable: Salesforce’s easy tailoring enhanced the adoption of the new system company-wide.
  • Solutions: Salesforce provided a centralised platform to capture information FRC environmental had not intended it to.
  • Scalability: FRC environmental gained the ability to respond rapidly to leads, opportunities and customer enquiries.
  • Visibility: All FRC environmental customer interactions were tracked and monitored.