WhippleHill uses cloud integration to automate the sync of information between Netsuite and JIRA

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Running NetSuite for support and JIRA for development meant there was no connection between Issues in both systems. Product Owners, Developers, QA Testers, and managers had to check the two separate systems to see the whole picture, often hourly. JIRA users could not see the NetSuite issues on their project boards so they never had a clear picture of everything on their plate. Agile product owners could not size their sprints well because the time-boxed NetSuite work was not accounted for in the sprints. An integrated solution was needed so that the support sta could see this information in Netsuite and development could continue working with JIRA.



A solution was built on the Dell Boomi integration platform. All development and management of the Atom is performed in the cloud and no additional software is required to be installed on-premise. Utilizing Boomi’s NetSuite and JIRA Connectors, WhippleHill’s Netsuite and JIRA issues are able to synchronize seamlessly.



The solution involved the building of bi-directional integrations between the two systems. Integration processes were built to synchronize issues and updates to issues between NetSuite and JIRA. Additional logic is implemented to handle the following:

  • Infinite looping that exists when issues are updated bi-directionally.
  • Synchronizing cascading picklist values between issues in each application.
  • Issue assignment handling.
  • Maintaining the JIRA/NetSuite link even when the JIRA Issue is moved to a different project.



  • Rapid Implementation: Implementation was completed in weeks.
  • Flexibility: Changes can be made to the integration as needed by the customer.
  • Visibility: Information is visible across the organization.



“We approached WDCi to deliver this solution due to their prior experience with integrating NetSuite and JIRA. WDCi works with you to deliver a solution that meets the business needs. This was a global joint effort, with the entire project delivered remotely by WDCi.” – George Carvill.