Collaborate with Student Community

Teamwork and collaboration. These have been found to be the key to unlocking a great study experience.

There are several different departments within Higher Education organisations and each of them supports different user roles (Admins, Lecturers, Tutors and Student Support). With all of these different support roles, it’s becoming difficult for students to gather the required information they need from these entities.

RIO Education provides a platform that enables collaboration to be done with ease. Students will get a friction-less experience, regardless of the departments and roles they interact with. 

Now with the existence of the Student Community, students no longer have to spend significant time searching for the right information. All they need to do is to collaborate through the community.

Questions and Answers

Before when students had any questions or concerns about tuition fees, enrollment, etc, it would involve endless searches. The student would need to find the right department or person before making inquiries via phone or email. This process is inefficient and time-consuming, leading to a decrease in the level of study experience.

Student Communities allow students the ability to make inquiries on the go from mobile devices and desktops. Logic can be set up to channel inquiries to the right teams for immediate actions and responses.


Student Community serves as a one-stop centre for Students. With the provided login, the Students can access the community to check for:
  • Timetables for the units that they have enrolled in
  • Personal Progress (Terms) – results and road to completion
  • Program and Courses available for enrollments – this also includes enrollment pre-requisite details

Now your students don’t have to waste their time searching for correct information. How good is that!



One of the Student Community features is the information broadcast. Students no longer need to waste time going to admin offices or the campus to look for announcements. With this feature, all announcements can be broadcasted to the right group of students. As a result, students can view the information anywhere and anytime. Announcing change of lecture venues could not be any easier, thanks to this broadcast function!