Coming Soon… Round 2 TCSI Testing

TCSI Testing Update

With our Participation in the TCSI Testing, Round 1 Results have been released. Now the TCSI team are looking at starting Round 2 in March.


If you aren’t familiar with the TCSI project, check out our TCSI Blogs to learn more!  WDCi have been actively participating in the TCSI project to ensure RIO Education is compatible with the upcoming TCSI reporting requirements.


What’s included in Round 2 Testing?

Round 1 was all about setting up the framework for HE Courses, Campuses and Units of Study.


Round 2 testing will focus on the next level of detail, including:

  • HE and VET Student Data
  • VET Courses, Campuses, and Units of Study


When does Round 2 Testing start?

Please note that the TCSI Team are still finalising the final details. We are anticipating testing to commence the last 2 weeks of March. Watch this space for more updates!