Comparing the Jitterbit Salesforce Data Loader – how does it look?

Jitterbit has just released a free data loader for Salesforce, so we thought we should check it out.

Here’s our brief analysis of the tool as compared to the Salesforce Data Loader:


Description Jitterbit Data Loader Salesforce Data Loader
Define Connectivity Supports creating multiple Salesforce connections and ability to save the connection Requires a login for every operation session (Insert, Update, Extract, etc.)
Define Operations Each operation (upsert, insert, extract, etc.) can be saved and re-used for future execution Not able to re-use previously executed operations
Supported File Formats Supports other flat file formats during insert, upsert or update operations Supports only CSV for insert, upsert or update operations
Scheduling Has a scheduling feature No scheduling feature
Retrieving or Loading Records Supports storing or loading flat files (or records) from various sources (i.e. local folder, shared folder, FTP, DB) Supports csv files from a local folder



For basic file uploads that do not require a database lookup this is a good tool.The pros for this tool are the scheduler and the monitor.   A good option for basic information uploads to Salesforce for sure.