Dell Boomi Integration Tips: Using the Salesforce Bulk API option

In the last blog post, I talked about the usage of Salesforce BULK API in one of the integration tools that we use.

This brought up my curiosity to find out how the BULK API option works in the Dell Boomi Salesforce connector. Out of the box the Salesforce connector only supports the BULK API option in parallel mode. Please the screenshot below:
There are 2 options that you need to look at:
1. Use Bulk API – to tell the connector to load data to Salesforce using Bulk API
2. Batch Count – the maximum number of records in a batch
To have your data upload with Bulk API, you just need to check on the “Use Bulk API” checkbox and specify the Batch Count (the default value is 200) in the operation configuration screen. The Dell Boomi Salesforce connector will handle everything for you automatically at the backend including preparing the data into batch according to the Batch Count.
As there is no option to turn on the serial model, some options to address lock contention in Salesforce could be:
  1. Reduce batch sizes
  2. Use flow control