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Enable the User Profile Sub-Tab


Users can review their own pathway and their Achievements by navigating to their RIO DriveSuccess (RDS) Profile Sub-Tab. This allows a User to see the Endorsements have they earned and any Badges they have acquired.]


TIP: A user can also view other users’ pathways if Profile (Others) is set up to allow it, see below for further details on this.

Important Note: This must be completed in Salesforce Classic (this is not available in Salesforce Lightning at this time)



Here’s how to Configure Salesforce to display the RDS SubTab:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Apps



2. Locate the Sub-Tab Apps section:



3. Edit the “Profile (Self)” to include the RDS Profile Tab.

4. If you want to set the option for others to view, edit the “Profile (Others)” and include the RDS Profile Tab.



Enabling RDS Profile Sub-Tab for Community Users

If you have Community enabled in your Salesforce org and you wish to allow your Community user (i.e. a partner) to be able to view the RDS Profile, include the Sub-Tab as below:

  • Profile in Communities (Others)
  • Profile in Communities (Self)


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